Official Partnership Muscle


Gaining the exceptional Founding Partner support from the USA Today Network and the Detroit Free Press has made this historic festival possible. Their leadership and vision has launched MCM for our greater community. Providing support both financially and through the powerful outreach of their media syndicate, network and incredible team has laid an unmatched foundation to build this powerful free-of-charge special event for the world. Festival Executive Director and Producer, Carol Marvin, President of AET, has worked with the Free Press and its team for over 25 years, bringing many exciting experiences to Detroit for everyone to enjoy. Motor City Muscle® is their greatest collaboration to date and promises to also be their greatest achievement together.

Producing a large-scale rock and automotive festival free-of-charge as a gift to all people is a great task. It calls for like-minded, exceptional partners to work carefully with one another to engineer every aspect of its presentation to an outstanding level of celebration. The best Official Partners not only provide critical support through their financial and outreach resources, they also often provide key and favorite parts of the event. It is thrilling to watch their party areas often become the life of the party themselves.

Motor City Muscle® appreciates the wonderful people and organizations that make it possible, and has a singular drive to provide the best experience for its collaborators, supporters and fans. The festival offers exclusive Official Partnership opportunities for special companies that understand the importance of this international festival and its mission.

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